Published on June 17, 2019


Thoughts from Anna Morse…..


To say our world is not the way God intended is an understatement. Our world is a mess. I could name 100 things that are wrong and can see 100 more that are on the horizon.  When all these problems feel so big, and I feel so small, how can I do anything to help? This year, I was involved with the Walking with Purpose Bible Study for women. The author of these amazing bible studies, at the very end of Opening Your Heart, talked about everyone having a Holy discontent.  Something that God put on their hearts to change. I had never heard this. Though I have a couple things that can clearly be called Holy discontent. What is your Holy discontent?

I love the youth and have a passion to bring our faith to them. So I am the Edge Director (the 6th, 7th & 8th grade youth minister). I am passionate about the family. I believe the family and having a good marriage is the best way to solve most problems. My husband and I are involved with the Pre Cana Conferences for engaged couples and we really try to raise our own family the best we can. But, all my work is for nothing if I do not pray.

I love this St. Augustine quote, “Pray as though everything depends on God. Work as though everything depends on you.” God has promised great things to those who pray. And no matter what your Holy discontent is God can work through you to change it. Praying has to be the first thing we do.

Our parishes are beginning a new devotion, the Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus. We are trying to bring some Holy discontent into our lives about the first three commandments. These commandments tell us to love God alone, to honor his Holy Name, and to worship Him, both on Sundays and Holy Days. Our world has not only found it easy to violate these commands, but does it often. In fact, we may not even  notice these sins anymore. Do you notice when that tv show uses the Lord’s name in vain? This week take note. Is Sunday just another day of the week? This week, make a conscience effort to rest.

God calls us to repent of our sinfulness and return to Him. But with a problem this big, how can I make a difference?  Prayer can bring healing to the wounds all humanity has inflicted on our Lord. This devotion can make reparation, for these sins. “By offering My Face to the Eternal Father nothing will be refused and the conversion of many sinner will be obtained” Jesus to Sr Marie de St- Pierre. Christians who practice this devotion, by venerating the Holy Face of Jesus, disfigured in his passion, will obtain the conversion of sinners, salvation of the dying and the eternal reward of Christ in the Kingdom of Heaven.