Published on April 29, 2019

Statement of Bishop Daniel Thomas On the Governor’s Signing into Law the “Heartbeat Bill”….

Yesterday, Governor Mike DeWine signed into law the “Heartbeat Bill” (SB 23) ensuring children in the womb cannot be aborted in the State of Ohio once a fetal heartbeat is detected. This is a major step forward in protecting the dignity and value of every human being in our society, most especially, those who cannot defend themselves against violence, the unborn.

I offer my sincere gratitude to Governor DeWine, the Ohio Legislature, and the countless pro-life organizations and individuals who brought this legislation to completion. This stands in marked contrast to the extreme pro-abortion legislation we have seen in other places around the country, including in the State of New York. Furthermore, in a year when the Governor of Virginia publicly defended infanticide, it is refreshing that here in Ohio we are advancing the culture of life in such a powerful way.

While this legislation will undoubtedly be challenged in our judicial system, I pray that our judges when reviewing this legislation will consider how the one just Judge, our Creator and Lord who came among us first as a preborn babe, is urging us to be faithful to uphold the dignity and sanctity of each human life.

The highest aim of all law should be to defend human life and to help it flourish. Together with all Catholics of Northwest Ohio and people of good will, I pray we will live to see a day when legislation is brought forth which will abolish abortion in our Nation. We look forward to legislation which would not only protect life when a fetal heartbeat is detected, but which will acknowledge what science reveals and our faith affirms: human life begins at conception. Every human life deserves our love, our respect and our law’s protection.

The Diocese of Toledo reiterates the Church’s care and compassion for any mother or father who has experiencedan abortion, with the hope that they can encounter Christ’slove and merciful gaze through our Project Rachel Ministry.More information is available by visiting: or calling 1-888-456-HOPE.