Published on December 27, 2018

My dear Parish Family,

Christ has redeemed us, and at the same time he is about to be born.  He’s among us, and yet he’s on the cusp of coming in a new way.  We know God’s love, we’ve seen it(!), and despite this, we stand at the threshold of experiencing a love that is unlike anything we can imagine.  With God, there is always “the already,” and simultaneously there’s “the not yet.”

If we’ve come to learn anything as Christians, it’s the fact that God is an amazing mystery that, once experienced, will only lead us more deeply into a relationship that is equally mysterious, but real, satisfying and always exciting.  He proves this by coming to us as an infant.  Ask any parent and they’ll tell you they experienced love in their life, but never knew they could give and receive so much love; they never understood how real, satisfying and exciting life and love could be until they received children into their life.

God already loves you.  As amazing as it is to believe, you haven’t yet received all the love he wants to give.  So he comes again: an infant for you… married, single, priest, religious, widowed; the family together and far apart; those who are alone and those surrounded by many others.  Christ, who’s always there, comes again for you!

It is my prayer for all of you that this Jesus Christ, whom you already know, will bless you, your family and friends with an experience of his mysterious, real, satisfying, exciting love this Christmas in a way you, as yet, haven’t even imagined!

Blessed and happy Christmas to you all!

Fr. Hoyles