Published on November 28, 2018

Help support the Visitation Sisters of our Diocese!

Did you know that there are a group of women religious sisters who never leave their onvent, but simply live a life dedicated solely to praying for the laity, religious, and priests of our diocese?  The Sisters of the Visitation in Toledo came to the Diocese in 1915 and since that time have remained cloistered, devoting their life to praying for us.  While in Toledo, I came to know the sisters very well, and before coming to Sandusky, I asked that they pray for our
parishes in a special way.  Each time they write to me, MotherMarie de Sales always states that the prayers for Holy Angels, Saint Mary’s and Saints Peter and Paul Parishes are on their daily list!  What an awesome gift to our community!

In 1977, Pope Saint John Paul II, recognizing the importance of the apostolate of prayer, reintroduced to the Church a day of prayer first recommended by Pope Pius XII in 1953, known as Pro Orantibus Day – a day of prayer for those who pray for us!  The Holy Father asked that this be observed worldwide each year of the memorial of Our Lady’s Presentation in the Temple, November 21.

This year, the Visitation Sisters have asked if our parishes could assist them in their need.  You see, unlike other religious in our diocese who exercise valuable public apostolates, the Visitation Sisters, who remain hidden from the public eye, remain primarily on donations to provide for their needs and to ensure the sustainability of their life of prayer.  They have a modest monastery, but because of its age, it stands in need of many repairs.

To assist them, we will take a second collection at the Masses celebrated on the weekend of November 24-25.  100% of the collections will go directly to the Sisters.  For more information on their way of life and apostolate, go to or “Toledo Visitation” on Facebook.

I ask that you pray for all of the religious of our diocese, and on behalf of the Visitation Sisters, thank you for considering a generous donation to them!

Fr. Hoyles