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Published on September 9, 2019

I am so excited to be starting off the new year soon. I can’t wait to get to know your kids and to serve you. This will be my third year as the Edge director and I would like to share with you  some of the fun changes happening this year.

The sixth grade students have been added to the Edge program. I think this will be such an awesome change for the young people of our parishes. Edge is specifically designed to engage Jr High students and the way they learn. For example, kids in this age have attention spans that are shorter and they like to move and switch gears, as opposed to sitting still and listening to lengthy lectures. Often times, this includes making messes and running around. Every week Edge has dynamic subjects, things the kids are facing everyday, at school, home and on social media. Kids this age are questioning their faith, God, the Church, where they fit in and so many other BIG questions….We address all of this while accommodating their unique learning style.


The 8th grade students will take part in a super cool change happening this year. The Confirmation Retreat will be held at Camp Damascus, home of Catholic Youth Summer Camp in Centerburg, Ohio. This camp will be like no retreat we could put on, the kids will participate in fun high adventure activities to push their limits and to find courage and strength.  Our 8th graders will awaken and renew their faith, they will learn that our Catholic faith is anything but boring. And when the children are away from home in this kind of environment, true and lasting friendships can be made.


You may have noticed Saturday, September 7th Edge hosted a fundraiser Spaghetti Supper. If you came out to support the Jr High students, we thank you! This fundraiser was put on to help our students attend a new event that our diocese is hosting called Holy Fire Great Lakes. This event has been put together to address some of the statistics that claim 74% of Catholics that have left our Catholic faith between the ages of 10 and 20 with a median age of 13. These BIG questions I talked about earlier are not a new thing. In fact, recent studies about adults my age (late 30’s) show there is a real struggle for souls; and that fight begins far younger than college or even high school. Holy Fire Great Lakes is a one day experience designed for Jr High youth including dynamic speakers, music and the Sacrament of Eucharist like they have never experienced before. My hope is to get all of our Jr High students to this event for this truly life changing experience. If you missed the spaghetti dinner fundraiser, but you are interested in helping students attend Holy Fire, please reach out to me a Edge@sanduskycatholic.org or 419-625-7500 ext 1011.


As this new year begins, please pray for me and my amazing core members that we may seek and show the face of Christ to the Jr High students.


Pray Hard


Don’t Worry

Anna Morse