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Published on July 22, 2019



From the Revelations on the Work of Reparation

Given by Our Lord to Sister Mary of Saint Peter and of the Holy Family

(The Golden Arrow; TAN Books, 2012; p. 109-110)


During my last retreat it was judged opportune by my superiors to command me to write a brief summary of the supernatural favors which I had received from God in spite of my extreme unworthiness.  Thus the prioress said to me:


“Sister, since God has withdrawn from you His extraordinary favors, perhaps it is because you have proved yourself unfaithful to Him.  Offer to Him, therefore, acts of repentance for your infidelities and beg Him to restore your soul to that state which you enjoyed in the past, when He so often revealed Himself to you.”


I obeyed and begged our Lord to forgive me my faults.  At that particular time, however, my soul was extremely perturbed and it was difficult for me to pray at all.  My imagination was like a runaway horse that I could not control.  Nevertheless I implored the Savior to restore my soul to a state of prayerful meditation since the prioress had ordered me to ask for this grace.


Our Lord at once had the goodness to hear my prayer addressed to Him through obedience for I believe it was on the following morning, as I woke, that I heard an interior voice saying:


“Return to the house of your Father which is none other than My Heart.”


These words produced a great peace in my soul.  As soon as I entered the choir for mental prayer, I united myself to our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, and immediately I heard him say to me:


“Apply yourself diligently to honor My Sacred Heart and also the Heart of My Mother.  Never separate these two hearts.  It is My desire that you pray to these two hearts for yourself and for sinners.  I in turn will forget your past faults and furthermore I will grant you even more graces than before because you are now more completely united to Me through your Vows.”