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Published on June 4, 2019

Thoughts from Heather Gerber……..


“Sing to the Lord a new song! For he has done wonderful deeds! . . . Shout with joy to the Lord, all the earth! Break into song; sing praise!”

These familiar verses from Psalm 98 are a reminder that music is a beautiful way to praise the God who loves us relentlessly and unconditionally.  Music plays an important role in the Mass as we don’t just “sing at Mass” – we SING THE MASS!

For the past 21 years it has been my honor to serve as the Contemporary Choir Director for St. Mary’s Parish.  When I first joined the group, our ministry was at the 5:00pm Mass, eventually moving to the 11:30am Mass where we have been ever since. We have always followed the St. Mary’s “choir calendar”, which runs from October – June. This has involved a weekly commitment to rehearsal, and 9 months out of the year where choir members could not sit with their families during Mass.

So starting this summer, we’re changing things up.

Beginning in July, the Contemporary Choir will sing at the 11:30am Mass at St. Mary’s the 2nd Sunday of each month (all year), we will rehearse the Wednesday prior.  There will be additional liturgies and rehearsals for the Triduum and Christmas Eve. It’s my hope that this new schedule will allow MORE people to participate. If you are interested, I invite you to email me at hgerber@stmarysandusky.org.

Of course there are many more opportunities to serve the Lord in the music ministries of the Catholic Parishes of Sandusky.  Here are the many different ministries available!

Holy Angels – Jody Nave, Music Director – jnave@sanduskycc.org

5:00pm, Saturday – All Year – “Cheryl and Company”.  Instruments are guitar and sometimes piano. Rehearsals are 30 minutes before each Mass.

8:30am, Sunday – All Year – Holy Angels Choir.  Instruments include organ, piano, guitar, drums, flute and trumpet.  Rehearsals are the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month from 7-8 pm (weekly leading up to Christmas and Easter) and 30 minutes before Mass.

10:30am, Sunday – All Year – “Paul and Company”.  Instruments are organ, piano and guitar. Rehearsals are 30 minutes before Mass.

Funeral Choir – All Year – Ministers at all Funeral Masses at Holy Angels.  Accompaniment is on piano, rehearsals are 30 minutes before Mass.


St. Mary’s – Tim Claubaugh, Music Director – music@stmarysandusky.org

9:30am, Sunday – Parish Choir – 1st Sunday in October through the 1st or 2nd Sunday of June.  Rehearsals are Thursdays, 7-9pm and run September through May. Accompaniment is on organ, with additional instruments as needed.

11:30am, Sunday – Contemporary Choir – All Year – 2nd Sunday of each month. Rehearsals are the preceding Wednesday (one rehearsal per month) 6:30-8:30pm with additional rehearsals leading up to Triduum and Christmas liturgies.  We also do programs at Providence Care Center every 6-8 weeks on Wednesday evenings.

Funeral Choir – Ministers at all Funeral and Memorial liturgies at St. Mary’s.  Instruments are organ and flute. Rehearsals are occasionally 30 minutes before the funeral.

Cantors – Minister at all weekend Masses and solemnities.  Rehearsals are 30 minutes before each Mass, and cantors rehearse individually with mp3 recordings.  Many cantors are also choir members, but this is not a requirement.

Sts. Peter and Paul – Bryan McGookey, Music Director – liturgy@stspeterpaul.com

10:00am, Sunday – Parish Choir – Mid-September through Pentecost.  Rehearsals are Wednesdays, 7pm. Instruments include organ, flute, violin.  Brass instruments are needed!

Cantors – Minister at all weekend Masses and solemnities.  Rehearsals are 30 minutes before Mass.

Children’s Choir – Ministers at Masses on Christmas Eve and Mothers’ Day.  Rehearsals are Wednesdays, 6-7pm in December, and at the end of April – beginning of May.

Funeral Choir – Ministers at all Funeral and Memorial Masses at Sts. Peter and Paul.  Rehearsals are 30 minutes before each funeral. Accompaniment is organ and sometimes piano – we’re looking for violin and flute!

Tri-Parish Sandusky Life Teen Band – Heather Gerber, Music Director – hgerber@sanduskycatholic.org

Ministers at the 5:00pm Life Teen Mass on Sundays at Holy Angels.  Also occasionally ministers at Life Teen and Edge “Worthy of Praise” (Eucharistic Adoration) nights.  We also provide music for the annual “Living Stations of the Cross” every Good Friday evening. Instruments are guitars, bass guitar, drum set, and occasionally flute and saxophone.  Rehearsals are 1 hour before each Mass. Music is primarily contemporary hymns and “praise and worship” music, but traditional hymns are also included.