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Published on May 20, 2019

Thoughts from Brittany Sternberg………

Dear Parishioners,

Alleluia! He has risen! I pray that you and your family are continuing to celebrate the Easter Season with joy, praise, and feasting!  We at Sandusky Central Catholic School are certainly celebrating the Lord’s resurrection and the beauty of Spring.  At Easter Vigil, we welcomed seven of our students and one teacher into the Church.  At the start of May, both our elementary school and high school had May Crowning Celebrations to crown our Blessed Mother as queen of our school and of the world.  On May 5th, we sang Alleluia with our 2nd grade students as they received their First Holy Communion and we are all excited to congratulate our Seniors when they graduate at the end of this month.  This Easter Season is full of reasons to celebrate the blessings of God!

Today’s Gospel is one we are all familiar with, however a challenging one.  Our Lord gives a new commandment to his disciples during the Last Supper.  He commands his followers to love others as he loves.  The Lord may have spoken these words over 2000 years ago to 12 men, but he is also speaking these words to each of us today.  We must learn to love.

A beautiful way to express your love for someone is to serve them.  Service is a pillar of Sandusky Central Catholic School.  We require all of our high school students to complete 20 hours of service each school year.  Our elementary and junior high classes commonly leave the classroom to perform service in our school, parish and community.  The pinnacle of our service program is our Service Day.  Twice a year we dedicate a day to service. All of our students in grades 6-12 go out into the community to serve those in need.  On Friday, May 24th our students will be going out to 22 different locations throughout Sandusky to perform service.  They will be participating in activities such as gardening with Seniors, city clean-up, visiting the sick and those in nursing homes, helping Catholic Charities and countless other activities.   This year we would like to invite the Parishioners of St. Mary’s, Sts. Peter and Paul, and Holy Angels to join us for service.  We will begin the day with Mass at 8:00am at St. Mary’s Church, and then participate in Service Day from 9:00am-12:00pm.  In order to assist in Service Day, Diocesan VIRTUS Protecting Our Youth requirements must be met.  If you are interested in learning more and volunteering in Service Day, please contact me at the information listed below.

Even if you can’t join us for Service Day, please offer up a prayer for our students as they go out to spread the Gospel of Love to our community!  Your prayers are invaluable.

God Bless,

Brittany Sternberg

Director of Campus Ministry, Sandusky Central Catholic School

419-626-1892 ext. 232