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Good Shepherd

You may register for Good Shepherd classes online by visiting sanduskycatholic.org.

The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is an approach that teaches children, Level 1 (age 3-K) and Level 2 (grades 1-3), about God and Jesus in a non-classroom environment. It is a hands-on approach where children interact with materials that are presented to them.

Class Times & Locations

Good Shepherd classes are held during the following times. The Atrium is located in the Parish Center at 429 Central Avenue. The program is limited to 12 children per class. Registration required.

Good Shepherd/Religious Education – in the Atrium:
Sundays 9:15-10:35 a.m.

Goals of our Program

The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program believes that there is an existing relationship with God and the child. The classroom, known as the Atrium, is set up so that it will help foster this relationship.

The Classroom (Atrium)

The atrium is made up of several different areas. There is an altar, complete with paten, chalice, altar cloth, candles and crucifix. A prayer table is where the children and teacher gather to pray. Whenever the prayer table is used, it is covered with a cloth. Colors used will pertain to the colors of the church year. A geography area teaches the children about the places Jesus lived and taught. A practical area gives the children hands-on experience with what was taught.

The Materials

All materials used in the program, which are cut down to size specifically for children, are closely linked to liturgical and biblical sources. The children are shown the vessels, vestments and other items used in liturgy and then can work with the items. All materials are openly displayed and the children can explore them at their own pace. By the time parents start taking their children to Mass, the children will be familiar with the main parts of the Mass and the vessels used. Bible stories are also important in the children’s learning experience. When a Bible story is taught, hands-on materials are present for the children to explore.

Montessori Approach

A dwelling place was created where children can contemplate and enjoy God rather than just get head knowledge. This program is grounded in the principles of Maria Montessori. The catechesis offers children the opportunity to touch their faith in a very real way – through hands-on activities. On the surface it may sound too good to be true. Is it possible to put a large group of children of various ages in a classroom and let them self-direct their faith formation with only minimal guidance from a teacher? The Montessori method shows that children are not only capable of working this way, but actually thrive in this kind of setting.

The Good Shepherd-Religious Education ministry is provided by Mrs. Debbie Geason, Catechetical Leader. Mrs. Geason can be contacted at the Pastoral Office at 419-625-7500 or emailed at dgeason@stmarysandusky.org.

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