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Did you know?

How tall is the steeple?

200’! It’s the tallest building in Sandusky!

How many bells?

Three, but one is cracked and not used now.

Who designed the Church?

Franz Georg Himpler, New York City.

How long did it take to build the church?

Seven years.

Where did the stone come from?
Quarry at the corner of Washington and Decatur;
Quarry near the Follett House;
Quarry across the street.

How many capitals?

14! Ten on the free-standing stone pillars, two on the pilasters in the front, and two in the choir loft. No two are alike and they demonstrate the stone carver’s ability.

Who is the image in the capital?

By tradition, that is a portrait of the stone carver.

How many stained-glass windows?


Who designed the windows?

The 30’apse windows are probably Mayer of Munich. The nave windows are probably Freiderich and Staffin from Detroit.

How high is the ceiling?

55 feet.

How long is the church?

184 feet.

Are the stations original?

No, they were installed in 2002. They were donated and came from a church in New York. They date from about 1910.

How many people in the parish?

About 6,000 parishioners.

How many pastors has St. Mary’s had in 152 years?


Tell me about the Holy Oil jars?

Hand-blown by Kit Karbler of Denver, CO and donated to the parish.

What kind of organ?

Rogers/Ruffati digital pipe organ with two consoles. Installed in 2004.

Who made the new furniture and shrines?

Shriner Custom Woodworking, Fostoria, Ohio.

What about the Baptistry?

Baptistry Woodwork by Verhoff Construction, Ft. Jennings, OH.
The brown granite was quarried and cut in India.
The chain was hand-forged by a Mennonite blacksmith in southern Ohio.
Water is blessed and recycled through a pump in the basement of the church.

What about the Statues?

Sacred Heart and Blessed Virgin date back to 1898, and came from Mayer of Munich.
The Pieta is also Mayer. It is from Immaculate Conception Church in Port Clinton.

What is contained in the relics?